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Here are my favorite things from this past week!

Favorite “I-Did”:

superfood breakfast
Creating my superfood breakfast. Every morning I start the day off with a bang!

  • 4 oz homemade kombucha
  • ¼ cup homemade sauerkraut
  • ½ tin of Brisling sardines
  • 8 oz homemade bone broth
  • 8-16 oz coffee with coconut oil or grass fed butter (and sometimes homemade almond milk)

I find that getting all of these nutrients in first thing not only jump-starts me in the right direction for the day, but makes me feel great! It also ensures that I get these all-important nutrients in when they could often fall by the wayside.

Favorite “I Ate”:

recipes week 4 novThese are recipes I’ve loved this week, thanks to online paleo geniuses!

  1. Lemon artichoke chicken from Practical Paleo (a new favorite!)
  2. Stuffed cabbage from Practical Paleo
  3. Flourless brownies from Practical Paleo (can you see a trend?!)
  4. Paleo Pad Thai from the Food Lovers’ Kitchen (with spaghetti squash – yum!)

Additionally, I had the opportunity to dine at a fabulous farm-to-table restaurant in Lexington, VA: The Red Hen.  It was my first farm-to-table dining experience, as well as my first time dining in a restaurant alone! More on that to come!

Favorite “I Read”:

  • This post on Paleo for Women about cleaning up your space. So relevant to my life right now – more on that later!
  • This post on Mark’s Daily Apple about negative emotions and how they can take a toll. I feel that with all the focus on diet and exercise, this is often overlooked!
  • Of course, this week’s Balanced Bites Podcast that answered my adrenal question!
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